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We've got traffic for youFind exactly what you need for your site


High volume, highly effective pops are perfect for feeding your tube site, or using on that white-label cam site

Skimmed Clicks

Clicked traffic can provide the boost your site needs, productive traffic that clicks

Mobile Traffic

Pinpoint the devices that you need to make your app succeed. Target those most profitable visitors

Thumbnail Plugs

Highly targeted thumbnail traffic brings pre-qualified traffic to your landing page






million daily hits


Traffic Network

Quality Traffic

We have tight control of our stable sources, ensuring you quality traffic that leads to excellent Return on Investment. Powerful traffic for your projects.

Customer Service

Let professionals manage your campaigns with one on one consulting for your specific needs. Over 22 years of traffic management experience. We will help you.

Broad Reach of Traffic

Pinpoint your specific traffic needs. Popunders, redirects, skimmed and mobile traffic, selectable for geo's, niches, domains, operating systems, devices, carriers, and more.

Control Your Traffic

Easy to use control panel to manage all aspects of your purchase. Our at a glance dashboard gives you the overview you need for accurate descion making.

Superior Technology

Bullet proof backend software with a long development cycle ensures top notch bot detection and traffic distribution, balanced over a cluster of servers

Variety of Payment Options

We accept Paypal, Paxum, wire payments and credit cards.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Target exactly what you need. Country and local targeting, plus operating system, browser, device, IP and carrier filters

Why Choose Us

BuyFPCTraffic has been providing traffic for the past 22 years. If you have a need for adult traffic, this is the right place to be. We can provide you with the high value and high quality traffic you are looking for. Take a look at our large selection of traffic from bulk popunder traffic, to tube feeder traffic, to tightly targetted mobile traffic. We've got what you need to make your project a success!

Our network provides extensive reach to your audience at a fair, cost-effective price. Broaden your audience with our large network of publishers that deliver high quality traffic.